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In exchange to your kindness, I will answer your questions in all honesty (black and white).

  1. Do you follow any diet plan or meal guide? No, I do not. I “tried” to eat clean and healthy for 2 months but I binge eat 3 weeks after. It made more damage to my body so I decided to eat normally. I eat whatever my family cooks for me and for the family. If my mum buys Mcdonald’s then I would eat it. It is because I appreciate their effort.
  2. What is your height? I am 173 cm tall and I weigh 58kg
  3. How many times do you exercise each week? I used to exercise 3-4 times but my psychologist recommended me to do a 30 minutes workout everyday, so I did.
  4. What do you do for LISS or HIIT? I do bush walking. I LOVE BUSH WALKING for LISS. As in I travel 2-3 hours away to do that. I also do boxing and cycling for HIIT.
  5. How did you start having an active lifestyle?It was never an easy start for me. Aside from being physically weak, I’m also suffering from depression, ptsd and sometimes anxiety. But I tried to conquer my fears and weaknesses. I hope for the best.
  6. Are you a model? No, I wish.
  7. When did you start getting abs? They started popping out on week 9 to 10 but it became more visible on week 16.
  8. How long did it take for me to result of BBG without dieting? 8-10 weeks! My family saw the differences after 10 weeks to be exact. I believe that seeing your progress will be faster if you go “eat clean”
  9. How did you motivate yourself despite of having mental disorder? The doctors, psychologists, course coordinators and anyone who knows my real situation encouraged me to go to sessions. Talking to them, I realised that I have so much things to fill in and I can do more things if only I get rid or minimise my condition. I saw hope in me.
  10. How helpful is BBG for you? BBG helped me to manage my mental disorder, gain confidence and literally change me (as a person). I learned to accept my weaknesses and to love myself. Accept the fact that I’m different from everyone and the things that work for others may not work for me. BBG helped me to discover myself more. I cannot believe I made a huge progress and I could not believe I’ve done it myself.

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Authenticity and Self Belief


I am Empowered by Authenticity and Self Belief.


I always tell myself that I should be honest with what I say and what I feel no matter what happens. EVEN IN SOCIAL MEDIA. Because I do not like fake people. I mean, I can never act differently regardless of the situation. I’d rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I am not. I love being honest because I do not have to remember things, I SUCK AT IT. TRUST ME.

I believe that being real will get you far and it will you from hurting yourself. It will refrain you from being tired because being fake takesΒ  A LOT OF EFFORT. Trust me, I used to do this when I was in HS but I stopped because I do not want to be “one of them”, I want to be me.

I chose to show up and be real. I chose to be honest. I chose to let myself be seen. I chose to be Authentic.

“Self Belief”

I believe in me. I believe that I can do more things and anything is possible if I work for it. When I was in highschool (Philippines), people laughed at me because I told them that I want to go to a good university. They thought that I’m so good at imagining things. Fair play because I’m not doing my university degree in the Philippines because I’m now doing my masters at Sydney University. People also laughed at me for being fat. They said I could not get a boyfriend because of my weight. It’s like triple of a normal person. They said I have no chance of getting slim. Well, I just celebrated my 18 months anniversary with my boyfriend and I made a huge body transformation. SELF BELIEF.

I believe in myself more than anybody else. I believe that nothing is impossible if you work hard. I believe that you can be your own motivation. I believe that negative things can turn into positive if you change your game. I believe that there is a hope. I believe that people change. I believe that if I can make changes then you can.





A sense of accomplishment

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I hope no one missed that sentence because that is the most important part of this post. I used to rely on it at first but I stopped because I believe that I’m getting stronger and stronger each day. I can do more things now than ever before and I feel 10x better about myself. I am 3kg heavier than when i finished BBG 2.0 but I can see changes in my body especially in terms of measurements which are more accurate than just weights. I did not panic or whatever just like what I’m used to because I do what is best for me and I listen to my body. I DO NOT STARVE MYSELF, SKIP MEALS, COUNT CALORIES, REPLACE FOOD WITH COFFEE AND CONTROL MYSELF FROM EATING WHAT I WANT. This is why I’m always telling you to focus on yourself and not to the progress of other people because everyone has specific needs. What works for me may not work for you; if you are tired or not feeling okay then do not exercise, if you think you want a chocolate and you cannot resist yourself then buy one. It is better to satisfy your cravings now than to build it up and binge it. If you are gaining weight then consider measuring your fat percentage or get your body measurement. Weight is not everything. It does not measure your muscle mass, bone density, fat percentage, hard work, effort, patience and the happiness you felt when you finish a bbg session so my advice: Do not rely on it



Can you give 10 minutes of your day to someone?

I know its crazy because 10 minutes is nothing for some of you. It is not even enough to browse your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 10 minutes might be too short to retouch your make up or dress up but trust me, that is what all you need to save someone’s life. Sometimes, all we need to give is just 10 minutes to talk, to listen and to make that person feel that he/she is not alone. If you turn off your phone for 10 minutes and just talk to a real person, would that affect the last 23 hours and 50 minutes of your day? Can you give 10 minutes of your day to someone?

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Facts about me


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.11.14 pm.pngHello! I have been asked to write a food diary but because I have so much time in my hands right now, I will write some facts about me. Okay, here we go:
1. I do not eat 100% clean and healthy. I have a sweet tooth and I’m a huge fan of chocolate, doughnut, Nutella, milkshake and cakes. I eat them everyday and I cannot survive a day without eating a huge portion of meal which includes rice, bread and desserts. Sign me in to any buffet restaurant and I can eat 3x more than what you paid for πŸ˜›

2. I was really weak before I started working out. I cannot even open a bottle of water but now I signed up for boxing class and managed to throw good right hooks. I was surprised with my progress that’s why I keep working out.

3. My weight varies from 2-3kg. I can be 2kg down or up but I can easily put it back to normal. Even if I gain 3kg, my body measurement is still the same so I’m guessing fluid retention is a real deal for me.

4.I go to the gym 3-4 times a week but if my endorphins are too high, I make it 5-6. That also depends whether I will go to a huge party the next week in which I’m obliged to wear a fancy dress. Of course, every girl wants to look fab and sexy on a dress πŸ™‚

5. I do not run. I’m the laziest person on earth because of that. I’d rather be late for my job interview than to run. RUNNING IS A BIG NO NO FOR ME. πŸ˜›

6. I lift weights and I do not use really heavy weight. I heaviest weight I carried were 60kg for deadlift and 65kg for squats. I did that 2 months ago but I stopped because of back pain. Now I’m just using 40kg for squats but it’s alright because I feel no pain at all. Maybe we all have to workout what is good for us and we need to listen to our body before its too late.

7. I feel anxious when doing box jumps. I feel like I’m going to fall even until now but I still do it because it is a fun thing to do.

8. What motivates me to start doing exercises was those people who rejected me and mocked me down. Yes, it was that shallow. I STARTED IT FOR THE SAKE OF MY REVENGE. But everything has changed. I decided to do it for myself, let go of my anger and move on. I feel much better now. BETTER THAN WHAT I WAS BEFORE.

9. I do different workouts aside from BBG and it includes weights and machines πŸ™‚ I also do some workouts from Emily Skye, TRX, boxing and many others DEPENDING ON MY MOOD.

10. I did not expect that I will have 7000 followers after putting my account in public. I only had 150 followers 3 months ago and never I have ever imagined that it will be this much big. IT IS CRAZY and I FEEL REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! ❀ ❀ ❀ Thank you so much




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What inspires you?


We usually get inspired by the most amazing things we see. People are now using social media to find motivation and to feel encouraged. There is nothing wrong with that but sometimes, those things that we see in social media does not say all the defeats that the person had gone through for them to experience the “perfect life” that we imagine. I met so many people who experienced so many challenges and faced struggles in life. Many of them experienced things that no one can ever imagine, things that you would doubt if humanity still exists, people who lost their loved ones, a person who is fighting for their lives, a people who were neglected and a person who lost everything in her life. Unfortunately, the things they experienced cannot be seen on Instagram and even left unspoken. These people do not have thousands of followers, they do not get hundreds of likes, they do not get featured in famous pages BUT they are the strongest and the most inspiring people I know. Because of them, I learned that strength does not come from all the luxurious items we know, best make up skills we learned, the best body shape or the most delicious food we found on Instagram through hashtags. Strength came from all the struggles and defeats that someone had gone through. It came from untold stories from people who choose to stay strong. Right now, my best recommendation for you is to look at those people around you. Get the person who you rarely talk to, start the conversation, turn off your phone, grab a coffee with them, ask them how they feel, listen to their stories and respond accordingly. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone can inspire you and believe it or not, your story can also inspire yourself.